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Take your business to the next level, and let us transform your digital, data, and analytics. With over a decade of industrial data science experience, we consult with clients from a range of industries—identifying the most promising use cases and implementing end-to-end solutions that open the door for new products and services.

Take your business to the next level, and let us transform your digital, data, and analytics. With over a decade of industrial data science experience, we consult with clients from a range of industries—identifying the most promising use cases and implementing end-to-end solutions that open the door for new products and services.




Together we can define your data and analytics strategy, evaluate the most promising use cases, and drive the highest possible business value.


We build your end-to-end solutions in short iterations, using the latest tools and technologies from data ingestion, to advanced analytics and even the user interface.


We integrate seamlessly into your environment and provide full flexibility. Whether locally, in the cloud, or in embedded environments, we have your needs covered.


We help you navigate the complex world of data and AI. Partner with us to become the data-driven company you’ve always hoped to be—two steps ahead of your competition.

How we built a personalized health recommendation engine


For a client in the health insurance domain, a health recommendation engine is crucial. We integrated this engine, after the design and development phase, on top of an existing health trajectory prediction application. Our goal was to ensure the client could offer recommendations on treatment and disease prevention by lowering their potential risk.

How we crawled company data from the web


With only the company name available, how would you learn more about a given business—or even gather leads to get in touch with that business? We were approached by a client to build a comprehensive database not only covering certain companies’ individual characteristics, but also extending their data with information from unstructured sources in the WWW. Using cloud technologies and web-scraping frameworks, we built a data-mart that provided an extensive overview of different companies.

How we introduced predictive maintenance in the mining industry

Industry 4.0

For a client in the mining industry, we developed machine learning models that continuously predict the wear of a complex machine over the next days and weeks. The AI can learn which factors and machine conditions drive the highest wear, all while explaining how it came to certain predictions in a clear and concise way. Through this approach, we’ve not only managed to predict future wear (therefore enabling an optimized maintenance schedule), but we’ve also created optimal machine setting guidelines to reduce future wear.

How we extracted insights from unstructured PDF documents


For a client in the medical domain, we converted a significant amount of unstructured health records into structured insights. Challenges included navigating discrepancies involving how health records might look, and addressing the fact that relevant data can reside anywhere—in tables, as free text, or even in handwritten notes. Yet with our solution, the client can tap into a so-far-unused dataset and drive novel use cases.

How we used clustering to strengthen machine understanding

Industry 4.0

For a client in the mining industry, we developed machine learning models that understand and learn machine states and behaviors without human intervention. In a data explorer tool, these states and behaviors were visualized in a way that enabled discussion with subject matter experts, with the goal of deriving optimized machine configurations.

How we leveraged pet insurance data to predict diseases


For a client in the insurance industry, data is essential. This is where SPRYFOX’s machine learning models come in. Using our engine, the client can get a better sense of pets’ health trajectories. Our models allow insurance experts to predict their furry customers’ likelihood of contracting specific conditions, providing vital insights that can help pets live longer, healthier lives.


SPRYFOX has your needs covered

Programming languages, web technologies, machine learning algorithms—these are the tools of the 21st century. And SPRYFOX has mastered them all. From sensors that provide wave signals to web crawlers, to calculus and statistical methods, to advanced machine and deep learning algorithms, and even mobile to cloud computing, we have at least one expert skilled in each technology. Keep reading to learn more about our team’s capabilities.


Welcome to the team, Max!

We are happy to announce that Dr. Maximilian Walther has joined Spryfox as our Head of Cloud and Big Data. With large experience on services such as AWS, he builds up the third pile of our technological footprint–scalable Cloud architectures.

The graduate computer scientist has been working in the automotive industry for about ten years – both, as a consultant and on OEM side – most recently as a Cloud & AI lead for the BMW Group in Munich. The innovative character of the BMW Group together with the data-focused strategy driven by upper management created a fertile ground for many ideas to grow and deliver large business value to the company.

Dr. Maximilian Walther

Max has driven several initiatives in development, sales and logistics. Scalable cloud architectures were the base for many of those projects. Alongside, identifying valuable data, including external sources, processing large amounts of data, or calculating predictions backed by Machine Learning algorithms belonged to his daily work. In addition, Max’ passion for well-designed IT landscapes, extensible software architectures and clean code assured durable IT systems to evolve and excite customers with their operational stability.

His strong customer focus joined by his experience working with all kinds of process partners made him the right person for steering business-critical initiatives–on business as well as on technical side.

Since mastering his Ph.D. on federated information search and the Semantic Web at the TU Dresden, he never lost his link to research. He developed new concepts in areas such as Smart Home which led to several patents and publications on various conferences during his R&D time in Darmstadt. The proximity to R&D and the use of cutting-edge technologies at Spryfox paved his way to our young, innovative company.

The faceted experiences of Dr. Maximilian Walther together with his strong technical background will drive us and support our customers where they set our mission: Cloud-native AI architectures at scale. Eager to meet Max and discuss your cloud and big data projects? Contact him for a chat anytime.

January 24, 2022


What could be a better time to announce big news than the Christmas time. With the growing number of employees, customers and projects it was about time that our beloved website gets polished. And with polished we mean completely re-thought and made. As the initial website put focus on individuals, our new websites puts the content and the team into focus.

Our news section will be the new home for news and updates around SPRYFOX. Here we will announce project updates, partnerships and any updates about the team.

On our jobs page we will post the latest open positions at SPRYFOX. We like to grow as a team and are happy to get to know interesting people from all around the world. Maybe there is something for you!?

Our technologies section will inform you about all the various technologies that we are using and mastering at SPRYFOX. Naturally, it will be constantly updated with the latest technologies and experiences we had with them.

Our projects section will be the place to go if you are interested in the topics of our day-to-day work. We will present all the interesting customer engagements and projects so that you can get a better feeling of what we are capable of as a team. If you are looking for a partner to tackle your data challenges and projects, this is the place, that will give you the best insights. Get in contact with us if you are curious to find out more. We will most definitely have answers to your challenges.

As this is just the beginning expect more to come over the next weeks, months and years. The fox will grow and share a lot with you.

Big shout out to our friends at NubiSoft who helped us in the past couple of weeks to build this wonderful new home for the fox.

Have a wonderful holiday season and see you at or

Your team and partner in analytics

December 8, 2021

Our Team

We are data scientists, software developers, architects, project managers, and consultants. Yet we like to think of ourselves as creative thinkers, artistic builders, and smart team players. With over 10 years’ experience leading and executing data science, big data, and IOT projects, we have the perfect blend of real-life project experience and data exploration curiosity to elevate your business.

What drives us?

  • We love to learn about your domains
  • We live and breathe your business value
  • We strive to upskill and uncover complex challenges
  • We love getting things done
  • We gain satisfaction by enabling you with new features
  • We live the agile mindset and embrace changes


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Whatever your needs, we’ll be right by your side. Connect with us today to learn more. Our team loves to talk data and analytics, and we look forward to hearing from you!