Januar 24, 2022

Welcome to the team, Max!

Dr. Maximilian Walther joins Spryfox as Head of Cloud and Big Data

We are happy to announce that Dr. Maximilian Walther has joined Spryfox as our Head of Cloud and Big Data. With large experience on services such as AWS, he builds up the third pile of our technological footprint–scalable Cloud architectures.

The graduate computer scientist has been working in the automotive industry for about ten years – both, as a consultant and on OEM side – most recently as a Cloud & AI lead for the BMW Group in Munich. The innovative character of the BMW Group together with the data-focused strategy driven by upper management created a fertile ground for many ideas to grow and deliver large business value to the company.

Dr. Maximilian Walther

Max has driven several initiatives in development, sales and logistics. Scalable cloud architectures were the base for many of those projects. Alongside, identifying valuable data, including external sources, processing large amounts of data, or calculating predictions backed by Machine Learning algorithms belonged to his daily work. In addition, Max’ passion for well-designed IT landscapes, extensible software architectures and clean code assured durable IT systems to evolve and excite customers with their operational stability.

His strong customer focus joined by his experience working with all kinds of process partners made him the right person for steering business-critical initiatives–on business as well as on technical side.

Since mastering his Ph.D. on federated information search and the Semantic Web at the TU Dresden, he never lost his link to research. He developed new concepts in areas such as Smart Home which led to several patents and publications on various conferences during his R&D time in Darmstadt. The proximity to R&D and the use of cutting-edge technologies at Spryfox paved his way to our young, innovative company.

The faceted experiences of Dr. Maximilian Walther together with his strong technical background will drive us and support our customers where they set our mission: Cloud-native AI architectures at scale. Eager to meet Max and discuss your cloud and big data projects? Contact him for a chat anytime.