December 8, 2021


The fox comes out of his den

What could be a better time to announce big news than the Christmas time. With the growing number of employees, customers and projects it was about time that our beloved website gets polished. And with polished we mean completely re-thought and made. As the initial website put focus on individuals, our new websites puts the content and the team into focus.

Our news section will be the new home for news and updates around SPRYFOX. Here we will announce project updates, partnerships and any updates about the team.

On our jobs page we will post the latest open positions at SPRYFOX. We like to grow as a team and are happy to get to know interesting people from all around the world. Maybe there is something for you!?

Our technologies section will inform you about all the various technologies that we are using and mastering at SPRYFOX. Naturally, it will be constantly updated with the latest technologies and experiences we had with them.

Our projects section will be the place to go if you are interested in the topics of our day-to-day work. We will present all the interesting customer engagements and projects so that you can get a better feeling of what we are capable of as a team. If you are looking for a partner to tackle your data challenges and projects, this is the place, that will give you the best insights. Get in contact with us if you are curious to find out more. We will most definitely have answers to your challenges.

As this is just the beginning expect more to come over the next weeks, months and years. The fox will grow and share a lot with you.

Big shout out to our friends at NubiSoft who helped us in the past couple of weeks to build this wonderful new home for the fox.

Have a wonderful holiday season and see you at or

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