September 24, 2021

Dare to shine

Tired of storing your data in Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, and offline reports? Visual analytics tools are your solution.

Talk about a surefire way to make your valuable data and insights accessible. These tools help users understand, explore, and form conclusions from large, complex datasets. This makes these tools invaluable in the early exploratory phases of a project—and as daily resources for analysts in search of answers to their burning business questions.

An additional benefit of modern visual analytics tools occurs when they roll out from interactive websites—directly to business stakeholders and early adopters. These users can then spend time with all the relevant insights, building a deep understanding of what’s possible and what isn’t. Of course, there are many visual analytics tools out there today. From Tableau to QlikSense, and from Bokeh to R-Shiny to fully-customizable web frontends, no tool is inherently “better” than the rest. A custom approach is key—so why not trust an analytics partner with years of experience to set the right one up for you? We promise it’ll align perfectly with your use case and infrastructure.